Webinar Ninja: Webinar Software Review


What is Webinar Ninja?

WebinarNinja is a platform where everyone from Sunday school teachers to elite techies can produce webinars quickly and easily.

It’s Simple

Webinar Ninja has simplified the entire process from top to bottom.

Free training, including step by step guides and readily available customer service representatives, allow even the most inexperienced webinar host to feel capable and supported by the Webinar Ninja team.

Users don’t have to stress about their inability to navigate complicated software, creating time to focus on building consumer relationships and boosting their bottom line through purchases made during and after webinar sessions. No back-end BS.

Webinar Ninja 5.0, the newest revamp of their software system, has honed in on troubleshooting recurrent issues that previously made webinars difficult to administer.

Issues like lagging videos, poor display quality, complicated attendee registration processes and lacking technical support are no longer a hindrance to webinar users with the latest version of Webinar Ninja. The 5.0 version lets people attend webinars from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device without having to sacrifice quality connection.

Key Features Overview

  • Screen + Webcam
  • Upload Presentation
  • Multiple Presenters
  • Live Chat
  • Q&A Feature
  • Polls
  • Clickable Button / CTA
  • Clickable Button / CTA
  • Simulated Live Replay
  • Evergreen Webinars
  • Evergreen Webinars

Webinar Ninja Features


Using simple and easy integrations you can connect Webinar Ninja directly to MailChimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Hubspot and Drip. In addition, you can connect it to countless further apps via Zapier.

Creating a Webinar

Creating a webinar is simple and straight forward: you click on the “create webinar” button

You have a choice between 4 kinds of webinars:

  1. Live: live event, taking place at one specific date and time.
  2. Automated: a pre-recorded webinar that takes place once or on a recurring basis.
  3. Series: a series of live events, all of which are scheduled in advance.
  4. Hybrid: a pre-recorded webinar in which a host is present to interact in chat and answer questions.

Webinar Funnel Pages

Webinar Ninja comes with a choice of 4 different templates for your registration page and thank you page. The templates are well designed and you can easily customize them by changing text, colors and images of anything on the page.

Here’s an example of a registration page:

When you customize a template, you can save it for future use or set it as the default for all future events.

Questions and Answers

In Webinar Ninja, there’s a distinction between “chat” and “questions”. You can tell your attendees that if they want to ask you a question, they should enter it in the questions tab. This is good for separating the general chatter from messages you should actually pay attention to.

The Replay Room

Webinar Ninja automatically records your events and makes a replay available in a replay room. The layout of the replay room is almost identical to the live event room. 

Email Notifications and Automations

You can automatically send confirmation & reminder emails to your registrants with all the info. You can also send follow-up emails to attendees & non-attendees. 

Media Library

You can keep all your images, templates, logos, replays, uploaded videos and more all in one place. Easily use them when creating your webinar events,  registration pages, thank you pages and more.

Custom Registration and Thank you Pages

You can use one of Webinar Ninja’s tested, high converting registration and thank you page templates. Customize it and make it your own. No coding or extra software needed. Use the live Page Builder editor and add your own logo, images and videos. Best of all, you can save your templates in your template gallery to reuse when needed.


You can easily get important insights on how well all your webinars are going. Measure conversion and attendance rates. Track retention rates and offer clicks as well. You can even export your registrant data, chat, questions and polls with one click. 

Webinar Ninja Academy

Webinar Ninja Academy gives you on-demand access to awesome webinar training topics ranging from sales & marketing to content creation & engagement techniques. The best thing it’s available in every webinar ninja plan.

Compatible on All Devices

You and your registrants’ can easily attend your webinar on any computer, phone or tablet. Mac, Windows, Chrome Book, Android or iOS device/

Completely Cloud-Based

Webinar Ninja is completely cloud-based. You and your attendees do not need to download anything to run or attend webinars. All you need is a web browser.

GDPR Compliant

You can easily get your registrants’ consent with Webinar Ninja’s GDPR Feature.

Automatic Recording

All your webinars are recorded and saved automatically. You can easily download your replay recordings as mp4 files or you can use your recordings as an automated webinar.

Paid Webinars

You can easily use Stripe to accept payments for your paid webinars.

Sharing made easy

You can easily share your webinar on popular social media platforms or can share the registration link anywhere you like.

Private Webinars

You can choose to keep your webinars private. Your webinar will not be found on the web. Only registrants can attend via a special link that only works for them.

Custom Thank you page

You can use Webinar Ninja’s Thank you page or can redirect attendees to a thank you page on your own site

Replay Options

You can choose to have a replay that expires after a certain number of days, never expires or no replay at all.

Timezone conversion

Your attendees can easily convert the webinar timing into their own time-zones with the click of a button on your registration page.

On-Site Registration

You can make registration easy by embedding your webinar registration form on your own website or landing page.

Tools Marketers will love

  • CRM Integration. WebinarNinja has some great features to help users spread the word about their webinars. Users can add webinar registrants to their CRM system (Mail Chimp, AWeber, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and HubSpot.) Webinar Ninja uses Zapier to integrate your registrants with other CRM systems like Drip, MailerLite, and SendPlus. Automatically integrating registrants to a preexisting email list gives users the opportunity to continue communicating with people who have shown interest.
  • Subscriptions. Viewers can subscribe to any host on Webinar Ninja. Subscribers will automatically receive a notification any time a new webinar is published along with an invitation to register. Users also have the ability to contact subscribers directly.
  • Webinar Finder. With a click of a button, users can add their webinar to Webinar Ninja’s database where anyone can search for webinars. They’re also optimized to be found in a Google search.
  • Stats and Analytics. Users can track their stats as they use Webinar Ninja to monitor their performance. Conversions, attendance and retention rates can be tracked through the webinar tool.

Webinar Ninja Pricing

Final Thoughts

WebinarNinja is a reliable company in general who genuinely wants to deliver the most advanced and efficient product to their customers.

They claim to have created proficient software for all the different webinar formats they provide but users shouldn’t be too surprised if they run into some complications along the way. This is especially true for relatively new software developments which can get finicky with large numbers of people trying to tune in at once.

The Starter package is a good deal for people looking for a basic webinar platform

If you’re considering WebinarNinja, take advantage of the 14-day trial and give it a test run yourself