My Secret Productivity Hacks For Kick-Ass Blogging

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My Secret Productivity Hacks For Kick Ass Blogging

My Secret Productivity Hacks For Kick-Ass Blogging

 I don’t really know about you, but I have seriously suffered from my lack of productivity. But the truth is to put yourself out in the blogging world you need to complete some tasks consistently. 

 First of all, you have to write awesome content consistently, then create eye-catching graphics and then promote your post on social media.

Then you have to create content upgrades and those upgrades have to link to your email marketing service and to make money you have to have a product to sell otherwise you have no business. You also have to create emails for your marketing funnels. As an entrepreneur, you have to wear many hats such as writer, editor, designer and the list goes on. 

I know, I’m already telling you what you already know.

So today, I am going to share with you 10 awesome productivity hacks that I use to make sure that I don’t completely lose my sanity and I hope that you find them helpful.

So without any further ado, below are my productivity hacks in no fixed order.

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1. I create and save my Graphics In Canva:

    Any graphics that I make for my site or my social media channels are made in Canva which automatically saves my graphics. To create new graphics I can just change the images and content and then a new image is ready.

​2. I Batch Certain Tasks To Save Time

You can’t batch every type of task but many of the tasks are in fact batchable and batching your content can make a huge difference in your productivity.

I plan out 5-10 posts and write them at once, and then schedule them to publish throughout the month. I also batch the photos that I use for my blog. I read the draft of 5-10 posts which need images and them surf through stock photo sites and then download the images for all of the posts at the same time. 

3. I Keep A Style Guide In Google Docs

Consistent branding across social media graphics and blog graphics, as well as other designs across your business, is really important.

In order to keep my branding the same, I keep a style guide in Google Docs that keeps track of all my brand’s fonts, colour hex codes, logos, and watermarks

Having a style guide keeps me from scrambling around looking for lost hex codes or logo graphics. Instead, I only have one document which I need to consult when I am creating my designs.

My Secret Productivity Hacks For Kick-Ass Blogging

4. I Know What I'm Working On Next

Have you ever sat on your computer thinking about what to do for your business next? Maybe you just tell yourself that you’ll just check your email for a minute, that minute turns into hours and you are no close to finishing anything useful for your business and you still have no idea what to do next.

I have experienced this way too many times so, in order to eliminate that completely, I have started using an editorial calendar and a social media scheduling tool.

Every week I try to come up with some tasks which I have to finish this week. For Example: If I plan on writing 2-3 blog posts this week, I simply add a title and then post it as a draft into my editorial calendar. This keeps me on track and makes sure that I remember when my next post is due to be published.

For each blog post, I also write out my social media blurbs and create graphics for each post and then add them to my social media scheduler, then they automatically post on the right day and time without me having to do it manually.

I personally use Later to schedule my Pinterest, Instagram ,Twitter and Facebook posts while I manually post my Hive Social content.

I use Clickup to plan out my tasks for the week. I can even set a due date for when I want this task is done. I can also assign the tasks to other people which is especially useful if you have a team.

This helps me make sure that I am focusing my time effectively on my important tasks. If one day I am feeling extra productive and have completed my tasks for the day then I start working on the “will do someday tasks”.

5. I Create Email Templates To Help Me Respond More Quickly And Consistently

If you get lots of email for your blog readers and you know that there are some questions that you are asked again and again.

Instead of retyping out the answer to the same questions, I create email templates that help me in giving a complete and thorough answer to everyone who emails me.

Of course, I will make small changes like tweaking the same and maybe adding something which is specific to the sender’s situation.

Overall these email templates save me a lot of time which is also beneficial for my readers because I can spend the time writing great content for them.

So how exactly can you create an email template anyway?

It’s super simple. Go into your email, click compose and write out the email template then just don’t send. It will automatically be saved in your draft folder from where you can send it again and again.

If you are getting asked a question again and again then it’s a great sign that you should create a product that thoroughly explains the answer to that problem.

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​6. I Keep A Running List Of Blog Post Ideas

Have you ever sat down to work and realized that you have no idea what to write about?

It can be so stressful realizing that you need to be producing amazing content and not even knowing where to start. Which brings me to Google Docs.

I really love Google Docs. I store my blog post ideas that come to me when I am out. It’s also where I keep the marketing lightbulb moments that I need to write down ASAP, I store the graphics which I need to use in blog posts or emails in the Google Drive.

Google Docs is also available as free app for ios and android devices, so download it and start keeping a list of ideas that come to you throughout the day. This has seriously helped me increase my productivity.

7. I Use A Content Strategy To Maximize Every Post I Write

This is one productivity tip that I am really passionate about and hope you will be too.

Creating a content strategy If you don’t have a content strategy for your blog you are effectively wasting a ton of time writing when you could have been working on something else.

Here’s the biggest mistake that a lot of bloggers make.

They burn themselves out writing post after post that does not get them anywhere.

We hear over and over again that content is king and that you need lots of great blog posts, and that’s true to an extent.

However, it is completely demoralizing to write post after post and have almost no traffic to show for it. That is a great way to convince yourself to give it up.

Thankfully there’s a much better way!

It’s called a content strategy and it’s going to save your time and business. Here’s what I mean

As every post I write, I use pieces of that content to or use as inspiration for other pieces of content.

For example, I will create a pin for the post to help spread the word on Pinterest. Next, I  will create another pin if that post has a content upgrade. After that, I will add these pins to my group boards to create a buzz about my new post.

The next step is to schedule a quote from the post on Twitter. Then I will also create an email newsletter that links to this new post to drive traffic to it.

Do you see what I’m getting at?

This “content waterfall” as Gary Vaynerchuk likes to call it, is a brilliant way to repurpose a single, well thought out blog post into 10 or 15 other small pieces of content that help draw in readers from different platforms.

This method not only helps you get a lot of traffic to every post that you write, but it also helps prevent you from getting business burnout

My Secret Productivity Hacks For Kick-Ass Blogging

8. I use the Pomodoro technique

Diving the time you spend on your business into blocks of time helps to reduce the time required to complete a task and also increases productivity.

For Example, You have to write an article which could take 90 minutes. You could break the time into 3, 30-minute blocks.

You can do a sitting of one block at a time and then give yourself a 5-minute break.

9.Tuck away social media

I cannot tell you how much time I have wasted in scrolling my Instagram.

Social Media is a serious time killer.

Keep your social media at bay.

As much as you love browsing on Pinterest don’t allow yourself to become a social media addict.

Turn off your phone notifications and your browser notifications so that you can work without any distractions.

10. Understand why you are blogging.

Every time that I get distracted I remind myself why I am blogging. When I realize the benefits of my task, I instantly feel motivated.

Ask yourself why you are working.

Keeping positive reminders around you will help increase your productivity.

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This ends the post, What was your favourite productivity hack from above?

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